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Sunday, July 6, 2014

2013 in Review - December

December - my favorite month!!!  A month of celebrating Christ's birth and His sacrifice for us!  It's also a time to get together with family and friends!  I have applied for a religious visa to be able to stay longer at ALERT and while it's in process I'm not able to leave the States.  So the plan was to go with Kendalyn & Robert's for 10 days then spend Christmas back in Texas.

Kendalyn had been in lots of pain with her gall bladder since Thanksgiving but they had been trying to deal with it naturally.  When I arrived it continued to get worse so my 10 day vacation turned into 4 1/2 weeks.  I was go grateful to be there to help Kendalyn.  Little Marilee was my roommate for 3 weeks, which I loved!!!  Kendalyn's day surgery turned into a 6 day hospital stay.  We were delighted to have her return on Christmas Eve and were further blessed by Mr. Gothard's kind generosity in bringing us a turkey dinner. 

It was a wonderful Christmas season though very different from any others.
A symphony concert shared with Joy Burch, Kristin Youngblood and Rebecca Orr

For the Christmas Conference in Chicago they transformed the warehouse into a magical meeting area!!

The annual Christmas skating party!

I enjoyed meeting another Keilen - Alison!

It's been about 3 years since I've seen the Paine family - so happy for this reunion with Brielle, Hannah, Abby and Tabitha

It's always a party when you are with the Keilens and Paines!

My sweet little roommate for 3 weeks!

Sauntina enjoyed opening up her stocking!

What a blessing to have Kendalyn home after her 6 night stay in the hospital.

The amazing Keilen sisters - servants of the Lord with a love for all!

A small ITC (Indianpolis Training Center) reunion!

It was a delight to see the Kelly family from Nashville again!

Katherine Behrens brings a smile to your face whenever you are around her.  She loves to bless others and loves children!

Becky and Esther treated me out to Giordanos - the infamous deep dish Chicago pizza!

Mr. Gothard treated us to a Christmas Eve turkey dinner from Boston Market!

It was fun being a mom to Sauntina and Marilee for 6 days!  I love my precious nieces!

New Years eve with the Oliverio family!

Laura, Emily, Julie and Mary. Mary went with me several times when I took the girls in to see Kendalyn in the hospital.

Thrift store shopping with the queen!!!  Always fun to see Sharon Kelly!

Sauntina showing how you can play the piano when you're short!

Sauntina enjoying her snowfall.  Chicago had so much snow this winter, I personally believe the Lord blessed Chicago with lots of snow for me since I was missing my Canadian Christmas!

Great times catching up with Sharon and Brooke!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2013 In Review - November

November was filled with remembering our Veterans by hosting a Banquet for the many Veterans in the East Texas area.  The highlight for me was singing, with the ALERT choir, "Salute to the Armed Forces" and seeing the different men and women stand when their part was sung. :)  

Another fun activity was a trip to Dallas to spend a super weekend with Stacey Smith & Katie Blikstad.  The weekend consisted of a Jewelry party, shopping the Dallas malls, including Charming Charlies and movie night!!

The final event was hosted by Sharon Harmon was Missionary Prayer Night where we were to make a food from a different country and dress in the traditional garb!  

I sooooooooo wanted to buy these earrings!!!  Rather heavy but definitely stunning!!!

Our lovely hostesses, Stacie and Katie

Katharine & Siobhan enjoying time with Lydia!

Hannah & Lydia Blikstad - our other hosts!

Back row: Siobhan, Hannah, Kristin, Katharine, Stacie, Ellen, and Dorcas holding Audrey
Front row: Esther, me, Hannah with Lydia and Katie

Love that girl (Amanda Pendergast) - she's crazy!

The group!

Always have to have a fun picture!

India - Becca, Rachel, me and Kristin

Asia - Amanda, Siobhan, Joy and Crystal

Israel - Rachel, Elizabeth and Joanna Kane

Europe - Hannah, Rebecca, Dorcas, Amanda, Sharon Harmon

Enjoyed dressing up - these pants are literally one size fits all! :)

So glad to attend Lauren Howard's bridal shower - in a few months she will be Mrs. Sam Behr

So enjoyed having Emily Cade serving her at ALERT for 2 months!  Precious girl!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2013 In Review - Sara & Lucas Cherry's Wedding

Two days after Family Camp I was thrilled to board a plane and head northward to Pennsylvania for my dear friends wedding!!!  Sara Nelson married Lucas Cherry on October 20th on a gorgeous acreage overlooking the beautiful fall trees!  I thoroughly enjoyed helping with decorating, set up, and helping the bride!!!  Sigh...what a beautiful wedding!

Playing store with Silas - you pay for the merchandise then you get the money back plus candy!  I like!! :)

Shiloh showing off his purchases!

We have WAY too much fun together!

The lovely Bride, Bridesmaids, Flowergirls and Ring Bearer

Sara made a stunning Bride!

Sara, Stefanie, Katherine and Suzi

The theme word while setting up was "Random". I learned a lot of new ways to decorate "randomly"

Father & Bride

The gorgeous backdrop - home of Lucas's Mom.

The Happy Couple and bridal party!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2013 in Review - October (Family Camp)

October at ALERT means Family Camp.  Over 1000 people attend and have a spendid week rappeling, canoeing, doing archery, trail rides, sessions with Lew Sterrett and so much more! The theme this year was Colonial Times.
Time at the corral with Lew Sterrett - an all time favorite!

The amazing kitchen staff that kept us fed!!! Sabrina, Dorcas, Amariah, Rebekah, Rebekah :) and Emily!

Lake Day competition - sand creations!

The lovely Olivia and Mrs. Horsman at our campground check in!

My highlight of the week was the opportunity to put together the opening ceremony.  Major Zachry read the Bill of Rights while these amazing folks gave a small picture of each one!  It was awesome!!!  And...this Canadian now knows the Bill of Rights! :)

This young lad won the contest for the largest fish caught!
Nicknamed "Fairy godmother", Melonie Bogner is just that!  She brightens up our day and we always love having her around!

My boss, Major Zachry & Mrs. Zachry

So much fun getting to spend time with family - Whitney & Gloria Fagala!

Colonel Tanner and Jonathan Boulden in Costume

Lt. Horsman being held at gun point

Misja and Margaret making (and wearing) cotton candy!!

Singing around the campfire

Amy and Rachel

Mrs. Youngblood and Kristen.  Kristen has been a great asset to our office!

Face painting at Lake Day

Captain Switzer and Lt. Dudley - our master chefs for the barbeque

This young lad wanted to work at ALERT so his name tag could have "wings".  So mid week we ended up putting an eagle emblem on his name tag!  So fun!

The infamous dunk tank.  And when you can't hit the silly thing....rung at it and push it! :)

Love these girls - Christina, Siobhan, Elisabeth, Joanna and Zailynne

The Orr gals - Hannah, Rebecca and Kristina

Always enjoy meeting new friends - Mary Nicholson!